Tembe Art Studio Artist in Residence Cataloque Video Calendar Map Contact Kibi Wi Totem, artwork by Marcel Pinas FacilitiesHousingTembe Art Studio provides basic sleeping accommodations. Guests and residents of the program are welcomed at the Afaka Guest House, just five minutes from TAS on the bicycle. The Guest House has limited numbers of rooms and consists of two apartments with each three rooms, with just basic facilities. On request TAS can provide housekeeping once a week. But primarily it is the responsibility of the AiR during the stay

Afaka Guesthouse
The Afaka Guesthouse offers lodging to residing artists, employees, and tourists and provides employment to the local population.The Afaka guesthouse has two apartments each three bedrooms , 1 kitchen and badroom with toiletIt is 5 minutes biking to the Tembe Art Studio and two minutes biking to Masanga restaurant


The AiR is free to determine the field where he or she wants to work. It can be at home in one of the multi functional rooms of TAS or perhaps in one of the three villages.During the construction spatial installations can be stationed in space around the TAS and afterward transported to the permanent location. Or even be building on location. All needed tools which TAS does not have in store should be bought


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Art Culinair: Restaurant Masanga

To compliment the artistic and cultural experience of the entire Marowijne Art Project, great attention is also given to the culinary delights of the district and the entire country. With its unique mix of cultures, the Surinamese kitchen is famous for its delectable variety of traditional and fusion cuisine. Food is undoubtedly another main attraction for tourists traveling to this beautiful diverse country. This newly opened restaurant Masanga in the city of Moengo, is part of the Marowijne ART project of the Kibii foundation and offers traditional maroon dishes as well as many other typical Surinamese dishes.AiR can if they choose to, make use this opportunity.

Restaurant Masanga provides employment to eight (8) women, the training of young people as catering
staff and stimulates local production by working with local products;
The restuarants is open from monday – friday , 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM