Moengo Festival

Kibii Foundation was created in 2009 by artist Marcel Pinas with the objective to contribute through art and culture to the development of Moengo and surrounding villages in the district Marowijne. In 2013 the Kibii Foundation initiated the Moengo Festival. This is held triennially and consists of a series of three annual festivals. Each year the emphasis is placed on another discipline such as music in 2013, dance & theater in 2014 and visual arts in 2015. These and other initiatives are already making a visible spin-off in terms of employment, cultural tourism and local entrepreneurship. Less visible, but equally important are the effects that, on a longer term, the youth will develop self-development, awareness of their own abilities and their own culture, and so on.

Among other initiatives the Kibii Foundation accomplished setting up: an art school: the Tembe Art Studio, a guest house and restaurant (for guests who participate in planned activities) and the CAMM museum.
Filmmakers, performing artists, musicians and other artists have worked in recent years with the community to foster their creativity and to make Marowijne the Art District of Suriname.

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On 15 august 2015: soft opening of the exhibition (the commissioned works of students with various artists)
On18, 19 and 20 september 2015: Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 Visual Arts with cultural dance performances, theater and music.

Preliminary stage
12 National artists are associated with 12 schools and local crafters in Moengo and surrounding area. The artworks made with the local children with the National artists will be exhibited along with those made with the international artists from USA, Trinidad, the Netherlands, Belgium, Congo, CuraƧao and Suriname.

The purpose of this event
This festival contributes to the development opportunities for young people and places Moengo on the tourist map of Suriname. Ways to improve the durability of this festival is by linking it to a pre and post event and by sustaining it as an annual event. The preliminary part of the Moengo Festival of Visual Arts 2015 is aimed at stimulating the artistic talents of local artists and is realized by training young people through school and at Tembe Art Studio by renowned artists. By organizing workshops and regular showing of documentaries, artistic young people are encouraged to develop their talents.
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