Tembe Art Studio

Home About Tembe Art Studio Artist in Residence Cataloque Video Calendar Map Contact Drawing lessons at Tembe Art Studio (TAS) About Tembe Art StudioThe Tembe Art Studio, part of the Kibii Foundation, is gradually becoming a concept, both in Suriname and in the rest of the world.

The purpose of the projects in Moengo and the surrounding area, which were created from the idea and initiative of Marcel Pinas, visual artist, is that he wants to pass his experiences and knowledge together with that of other artists to the whole community, starting in Moengo, and in this way motivate and develop the talents of the children.

After the civil war very little was done to the benefit of the local community and as a visual artist from the area he wants to give something back to the community and in this way make a contribution and help the community i.e. help the young people back on their feet.
And through art and culture, he wants to give new life to the area, help to reduce crime, restore their proud feeling, make the area appealing to everyone, create opportunities by not only teaching reading and writing, but also enabling them to do something with the creative subjects.

Thus Tembe Art Studio is becoming a platform for the community to discover their talents, shape them, propagate them and come in contact with the rest of the world.Based on the experiences gained in the past 4 years we have come to the conclusion that the impact of Tembe Art Studio on the community will not be visible in a short term, but in a long term.

The community is changing, so the approach must correspond with the changes in the community. This is the reason why we have adjusted our programs for those who believe in the project. For those who have their doubts, we now have the annual Moengo Festival on the program.

Each year we focus on another discipline: during the first festival the focus was on music, at the second festival the focus will be on dance and theatre and the third one is focused on Visual Arts. It is a recurring event, in which the local community can respond to the demand of the festival and benefit from it. More than 60% of the participating groups consists of local participants who present their art to the world.

Tembe Art Studio is the link between the local community and the rest of the world in different areas, having an advisory and supportive role.

The regular Visual Arts, dance and music lessons at TAS are from Monday to Friday from 16.00 h. to 20.00 h.


  • Monday: dance and music
  • Tuesday: traditional dance
  • Wednesday: music
  • Thursday and Friday: Visual Arts (drawing, painting, working with clay, make collages, animations, woodworking, etc.
  • Tembe Art Studio is an initiative by and for the community to discover, develop and propagate themselves. It is very important if we could live of our culture; this is more durable than the mining of bauxite and gold, because it enables generation after generation to benefit from it.